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This article provides an insight into the appearing trends in the bar and events industry and should be read by event professionals or anyone planning a party, celebration, wedding or corporate event. You will gain from this article an understanding of how important appearance is in being consistent with event themes, the latest trends in drinks being served and a little more information on what you can request from bar tending staff. Kicking off with bar appearance…

‘Classic Elegance’ style bar By Twisted Mojito Cocktail and Bar Hire

Bar Appearance

Currently, the two most popular looking bars that are being used at events are worlds apart. We like to call them the ‘Classic Elegance’ bar (Picture Above) and the ‘Rustic Festival’ bar. So of course, depending on the theme of your event these two bars will bring an entirely different feel.

The Classic Elegance Bar is perfect for traditional and modern weddings, impressing clients at corporate events and getting the party started with a light show at birthday parties and celebrations.

Yet the Rustic Festival style bar brings a boho, relaxed feel to festival themed weddings, events and celebrations.

Deciding on a style comes down to theme and the image you wish to create at your event, which should be consistent.


Personally, I love a cocktail bar. What’s not to love?! They bring fun, colour and an exotic feel to weddings and celebrations and impress clients at corporate events. They add something a little zestier than your general vodka tonic.

Cocktails of course have been around for centuries, like the Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Manhattan. However, with the modern mixologist, new concoctions and mixes are on a steady flow. The Pornstar Martini, originating from Capetown, South Africa will become a modern classic. A passionfruit infused vodka mix, which comes with a shot of champagne or prosecco on the side and garnished with a passionfruit wedge. The idea is to first eat the passionfruit, then drink the champagne and then enjoy the passion fruit flavour cocktail.

With our generations need for new things, including sights, tastes, and experiences, experimenting with cocktails and different ingredients has never been more alive in the liquid industry. Cocktails with more unusual ingredients and various spices are growing more popular as customers are intrigued to see how they taste, relating back to their drive for something new and different. Providing this service to your guests may mean they have experienced something new, resulting in a more memorable experience at your event.

Bar Member at Twisted Mojito Cocktail and Bar Hire


We say, bring back the good old fashioned cocktail waitress/waiter. They add a spot of sophistication, elegance and customer service, but most of all it means less work for your guests! May the guests relax and the drinks flow!

Bartending skills have become more relevant in 2015 with the love of Flair Bartending. The sole purpose of flair bartending is to entertain guests. In technical terms it is the manipulation of bar tools and bottles to put on an exciting, juggling type performance.

Trends in the bar and events industry are ever changing as people continue to seek and strive for something ne and different to set their event from the rest.

I hope this article has been an interesting read and has been of use to you in the planning of your next event.

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